Medical / Vet Cleaning feed

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3401 25LT/KG
Ammonidet 25LT/KG
Liquid Blood Remover 25LT/KG R271.60

3401 5LT/KG
Ammonidet 5LT/KG
Liquid Blood Remover 5LT/KG R55.10

2000 25LT/KG
Anti-Bac 25LT/KG
Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap 25LT/KG R455.40

2000 5LT/KG
Anti-Bac 5LT/KG
Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap 5LT/KG R99.50

2003 1LT/KG
Bioklor 1LT/KG
Sanitising Powder for All Surfaces - Removes Tuff Stains from Cutlery & Plates 1LT/KG R42.80

2025/Gel 25LT
Handsan Gel 25LT/KG
Gel Waterless Hand Sanitiser 25LT/KG R0.00

2025/Gel 5LT
Handsan Gel 5LT/KG
Gel Waterless Hand Sanitiser 5LT/KG R0.00

2025 25LT/KG
Handsan Liquid 25LT/KG
Waterless Hand Sanitiser 25LT/KG R0.00

2025 5LT/KG
Handsan Liquid 5LT/KG
Waterless hand Sanitiser 5LT/KG R0.00

2038 25LT/KG
Multisolve 25LT/KG
Pink Multi-Purpose Cleaner 25LT/KG R330.80

2038A 25LT/KG
Multisolve 4-1 25LT/KG
Fragranced, Disinfectant, Degreaser & Multipurpose Cleaner 25LT/KG R533.00

2038A 5LT/KG
Multisolve 4-1 5LT/KG
Fragranced, Disinfectant, Degreaser & Multipurpose Cleaner 5LT R107.50

2038 5LT/KG
Multisolve 5LT/KG
Pink Multi -Purpose Cleaner 5LT/KG R69.70

2052 25LT/KG
Pine Gel 25LT/KG
Pine Gel Sanitiser & Cleaner 25LT/KG R520.30

2052 5LT/KG
Pine Gel 5LT/KG
Pine Gel Sanitiser & Cleaner R123.90

2050 25LT/KG
Pine Liquid 25LT/KG
Liquid Pine Disinfectant 25LT/KG R240.10

2050 5LT/KG
Pine Liquid 5LT/KG
Liquid Pine Disinfectant 5LT/KG R51.05

3403A 25LT/KG
Super Enzymes 25LT/KG
Enzymatic Laundry Powder-Removes Protein Stains-Hot/Cold Water 25LT/KG R775.30

3403A 5LT/KG
Super Enzymes 5LT/KG
Enzymatic Laundry Powder-Removes Protein Stains-hot/cold Water 5LT/KG R163.00

3412 25LT/KG
Suprox 25LT/KG
Concentrated Liquid Laundry Soap 25LT/KG R462.40

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Results 1 - 20 of 21
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